Historic Opportunity

Subject: Historic Opportunity by John Dalen
Are people actually resigning themselves to six more years of Lindsey? Really? Eric Cantor's recent defeat in Virginia by a Tea Party candidate who was opposed by the Republican leadership shows that the Republican Party no longer represents the interests of conservatives! The establishment Republicans opposed this free market, limited government, liberty-leaning challenger. So why limit ourselves to establishment candidates who clearly do not defend our principles of individual rights and leaner, more responsive government?

In South Carolina we still have a choice for a U.S. Senator to replace Lindsey Graham. So what if the challenger is not a Republican? Why not vote libertarian? Libertarians are for all the things that "conservatives" say they want. In fact, Ron Paul is really a libertarian, not a Republican. If all the challengers to Lindsey Graham--over 40% of voters--were to add their votes to those who already vote with the libertarians, our state could lead the way on all the issues Tea Partiers say they believe in.

South Carolinians could defeat Lindsey Graham in November and send a powerful message to the elites in Washington, D.C. that we will no longer accept the status quo. It is time for the South to rise again, leading the way for a nation to follow by electing a third party candidate, a libertarian to the U.S. Senate. The battle is not over; it has just begun!