Here We Go Again!

Elections 2012 are coming and here we are continuing down the slippery slope to destruction. I just saw a poll that says 55% chance a Republican will be elected President and 35% chance a Democrat will be elected President. The numbers vary but it doesn’t matter 90% of the people are going to do the same thing that has been done the last 150+ years and are expecting something different. Is that not the definition of stupidity? We have allowed politicians from both these parties destroy our constitution. Personally the last major party presidential candidate I voted for was in 1972, the first election I could vote in, I voted for the anti-war candidate. I have watched the destruction of good candidates like Barry Goldwater and became enlightened that both parties did not support the Constitution but wanted to control the ever expanding Government. I have been a Libertarian since then, like most enlightened voters are. For personal reasons I did not openly support the party until 1996, when the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. I joined and became an activist for the LP. I had been voting strictly Libertarian since Ron Paul ran in 1988, the problem is there are not many Libertarians to vote for and I had made a personal decision not to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I had renewed hope in 2009 that voters were waking up and there was going to be a change for the good. This was the Taxed Enough Already movement; well the powers have corrupted and consumed this grassroots movement. Here is some history about the TEA party movement, lest we forget. The TEA parties came to prominence in 2008 when the Libertarian Party of Illinois planned to hold an April 15th, 2009 anti-tax “Boston Tea Party” in Chicago last year. In February 2009, the idea grew after CNBC personality Rick Santelli, spoke from the floor of the Chicago stock exchange, criticized the Obama administration’s tax and economic policies and urged Americans become Tea Party activists. In fact, the idea began as the” Boston Tea Party” in 2006 at the LP national convention. It was founded by a group of former Libertarian Party members who were critical of the LP for its “abdication of political responsibilities,” declaring that “Americans deserve and desperately need a pro-freedom party that forcefully advocates libertarian solutions to the issues of today.” When the TEA party became known the GOP immediately exploited it. There are still Libertarian minded TEA groups and I belong to them, but the media supports and reports the GOP TEA party factions. I will continue to remind voters if you want a change stop doing the same thing. I am tired of the statements Libertarians are not electable. ANYONE is electable if you vote for them. Libertarianism is a philosophy, a belief in the constitution and a free Republic. If we are going to save this country we have to do it now. The first step is to stop doing the same thing. You don’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils both major parties are statist and to the left of the Libertarian ideals of Liberty and Freedom.

Here are two final points I want to make to voters young and old. I hear the “Religious Right” state I can’t vote for a Libertarian because they are socially tolerant of different lifestyles. Well my position is that the intent of the founders was not a freedom of religion but a freedom from religion.If the “right” continues to vote the way they have, soon their freedom to worship as they like will disappear. Libertarians defend the rights of religious freedom without demanding compliance with anyone’s beliefs. The message to the other side, no matter if it is Race, LGBT or whatever culture that supports“the Liberal party” you had better wake up. The name of their game is control not freedom.

The South Carolina Libertarian Party offers a real Constitution based party of smaller government. I ask citizens who love Freedom and our country to become a Libertarian Party Candidate. Stop depending on someone else to do the hard thing. There is no valid excuse to surrender Liberty and Freedom, not even the false sense of safety and security. Voters support LP candidates and make the change to save our State our Country and restore Freedom.


Michael R. Carmany