Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017

We cannot say that 2016 was uneventful for our Party. Whereas the Presidential Election results gave several states the percentages needed to obtain ballot access for future elections, the South Carolina Libertarian Party had a few down-ballot candidacies.

While Gary Johnson received 2.34% of the votes in our state, Bill Bledsoe ran for US Senate as a fusion candidate and received 1.21% of the votes as the Libertarian Candidate and 0.62% as the Constitution Candidate. Michael Grier acquired 3.57% of the votes as our candidate for Congressional District 1 while Rich Piotrowski acquired 1.23% as our candidate for Congressional District 6. We had 3 State House Candidates this year: Travis McCurry, who ran for District 3, received 15.94% and Joey Lum, who ran for District 4, received 9.56%. Had these two gentlemen not run for office, their opponents would have been unopposed in the General Election. Victor Kocher ran for District 79 in a three-way race and received 1.93%. In other races: Kevin Beck who ran for Clerk of Court in Edgefield County acquired 4.35% of the votes and Bill Michaud ran for Greenville County Council, District 21 and acquired 15.85%. Also, we had a few fusion candidates in Charleston County; Elizabeth Moffly who ran for Auditor and Andrew Smith who ran for Treasurer. Will Freeman filed for SC House 110 as a fusion candidate but was defeated in his Republican primary.

Not all our activity had been centered around the election, our affiliate in Spartanburg has been researching civil forfeiture abuses in the upstate, Charleston County has been fighting restrictions placed on the Airbnb industry and members from Greenville, Pickens and Lee counties have been vocal against the proposed restrictions a certain State Senator wishes to impose on our gun rights.

We were very active with outreach this past fall as well with the Chapin Labor Day Festival, the South Carolina State Fair, Oktoberfest in Walhalla and the Western Carolina State Fair in Aiken, just to name a few. A lot of people were relieved to find out that they had another choice besides Clinton and Trump. In addition, Cherokee County was reorganized and Lee County became organized in 2016.

With Special Elections coming in 2017, we are expecting continued activity while adding more organized counties and members to our ranks. Furthermore, we will be preparing for the 2018 General Election by having our State Convention on November 4, 2017 with the location to be determined later and having our county parties to be reorganized in April 2017.

So, we ask you to like us on Facebook (facebook.com/sclibertarianparty) or follow us on our website at SCLP.org in order to stay updated with our activities, get involved and become a member of the Gadsden Society for it would be very difficult to do these things without people like you.